Sunday, October 23, 2011

Into The Sticks

So, it seems my 'invisible' illness has quickly become a highly visible illness.

I always told people I wished I turned purple when I became ill and developed green spots during a flare. Now, I'm not that visible (though I still wish those things), but I am now sporting a pair of forearm crutches.

The physio I saw Thursday evening put me on them and told me to consider a short-term aid for a long-term problem. I hope to be down to one stick in time for Xmas shopping, but for now, two sticks is a tricky transition.

She also used a portable ultrasound machine to attack the inflammation in my hip. I don't think it did much at the time, but it was feeling mildly better on Friday morning. And then I undid it all.

I took a pretty hard fall on Friday night.

Transitions all around.


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