Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing is my Food

I've been reading some posts on a messageboard lately about 'fatties' and how people who are overweight need to stop feeding their gobs and just exercise. It makes me giggle a bit, because those types of people have never struggled with much. Either by design or pure stupidity.

We all struggle with something. Some people feel too tall; some too fat. Some are poor and some just have really crappy luck.

It did, however, inspire me to question whether I had it in me to get back on the stepper and do some weight training exercises. And the answer is that I do have it in me. The power, the desire, the insanity to challenge my adrenal glands.

My gallbladder is distinctively more sore and angry than before the exercise so I know that today's 750 steps is probably on the high side for someone with biliary colic.

I've been meaning to write about what it feels like to pass on that really crappy luck but my daughter isn't doing too well. She's had a fever for a few days, very sore knees and she's tired, sore and emotionally exhausted. We're off to the GP and I'm going to ask for some blood tests.

I had hoped we'd have 15 years before we saw more aggressive signs. But we're not getting that sort of time.

I'm supposed to be writing through these feelings but it's hard. Isn't it easier to just stuff it down and have another cup of coffee and bake some cupcakes? Some pretty pink cupcakes?

Tomorrow. Today is a challenge enough.


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