Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catch Up

Just a quick post to say I'm still here, not posting a lot, but still thinking. The hip inflammation has settled down dramatically, but now I'm actually capable of finding out what causes the pain.

When you sit down and relax, the hip moves -- that causes pain. Then, when you go to stand up, the hip re-engages -- that causes pain. PAIN.

Pain all day. So, if I sit it hurts. If I stand, it hurts. I have to lie on my left side with a pillow under my right butt cheek and roll onto my back to get comfy.

Not a lot of fun.

My GP is back and I see him Monday.

Matt will be in Canada for more than 2 weeks, so, I'm not looking forward to it all. It's going to be hellishly hard.

I'm writing 2 posts at the moment, one on my most commonly asked search result: What causes miscarriage and one about PCOS and it's ties to autoimmune diseases.

The local community garden was denied it's application and I'm trying to lobby for the reserve next to us. The guys were just here to tidy it up, so hopefully others will like the looks of it.

The little grey cat taught us all a lesson in gluttony. Apparently he's been hunting the local lizards (skinks) and eating quite a few. He was very sick for a wee while, which the vet related to eating a box or two of chocolates. We caught him trying to bring one into the house the other day. Hopefully we gave him enough of a scare that he won't try to bring them home. That at least gives them a fighting chance to get away.

My eyes have been horribly sore and I don't know if it's the bright NZ sun or some sort of eye inflammation. They don't look red or dry, just very sore.

Hopefully I'll know more about my hip on Monday and have some time to finish those big posts.


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