Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chronic Ilness Cat, The Best Free Therapy Around

I am so glad you guys enjoyed Chronic Illness Cat.

Chronic Illness Cat is the brainchild of Riley, who is 14 and lives with Chronic Illness. I know at 14 I did too and it was such a foreign experience. Kudos to Riley!

If you're a CIC fan, then take heart. You too can make your own. I have yet to speak with Riley, the original CIC author, so hopefully I will do that soon (illness permitting) and we can all try to bend our arthritic knees and bow in wonder.

Find your beloved CIC Here.

And, when the moment strikes, make your own!

In the middle of the page, you'll see Chronic Illness Cat and a little generator. Just insert your text, click the English flag and press the Generate text. I've been playing with it this morning but it looks like has gone offline for a wee while.

You can also 'like' Chronic Illness Cat on Facebook, by clicking here. Please be mindful that this is an open page for members 13 years of age and older, so no cursing please! Feel free to post your own Chronic Illness Cat memes there.

And, if you do, please let me know!!


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