Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hoping he's no Boob

It's boob day.

I'm not feeling too flash today and feel really pessimistic and melancholic about it all.

I've met so many specialists who direct all conversation, don't listen, preach and then take your money, leaving you feeling alone, unheard and pretty pissed off. And I'm getting that vibe today. I don't know why.

The left boob has been so sore and that worries me. I can't sleep on it and whenever I roll it squishes and wakes me up.

I ended up taking the seroquel on night 2. I had begun to get the shakes and that buzzing noise in my head had returned. I told Matt it sucked that I feel so chained and addicted to it, but, as he pointed out, it's a med I take for a purpose.

So, I suppose I really do need to work with a knowledgeable Pdoc and find some way of keeping mental peace without upsetting the boob.

As we get closer to Breast Cancer Awareness month (October), I am seeing so much more in print and on tv about 'being aware' of symptoms, seeing your doctor, etc and it make me feel all the more that I'm going to be dismissed and shown the door.

I never should have seen the female doc. I should have gone straight to my normal GP and just gotten over the conservative side.

I found something called Myofascial Pain Syndrome that often has breast pain and inflammation. I'm going to try to ask the breast surgeon about it but I'm so used to being dismissed, I doubt i'm going to get far.

So, for now we wait.


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