Monday, September 12, 2011

Extra Support

I need to find a pharmacist to bother. My own is fantastic, but she is very busy running the place.

She told me that it's generally advised you do not mix melatonin and fluox, or Prozac to the world, as they work in disharmony with one another. Not that there are side effects to mixing the two, but because the brain works hard to synthesize the serotonin into melatonin. Which is why people with insomnia often sleep when they start a SSRI antidepressant. (Which never worked for me, so I take a different kind of drug to induce sleep.)

There is a natural product called 5-HTP which is a natural form of serotonin. Solgar, the vitamin people, have the product on the pharmacy shelves. I don't know if it's chemist restricted, as I haven't seen it in the grocery store, but it seems to help with irritability and sleep problem. It's also suggested for those who struggle with mood disorders.

And yet, melatonin is barred from general consumer purchase?

I'm wondering if you can supplement 5-HTP instead of the melatonin and whether you could safely take it with Prozac, or instead of the prozac altogether. Dosing for children may be difficult to decipher, but it may be worth the hassle to avoid a) the stigma of having a child on an AD and b) the increase in self-harm behaviours in kids with autism.

I think I need to do more reading on what triggers and supplements these two hormones naturally. As anxiety is a learned response to stimui, therapy and medication are probably still needed, so it seems the fluox will still be needed, however, if natural serotonin works in mood disorders, it might just work to kick start the anxiety relief.

The 5-HTP is cheaper than the melatonin, if you include the rx cost, and it's available without issue. I wonder if I bought my pharmacist some nice chocolates whether she'd call the paed and discuss it with him. Not that he's anti-natural therapy, it's just that he's so busy with oncology that I don't want to bother him, especially if I don't have the knowledge to back up my desires.

Argh. Think. Think. Think.


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